The Math You'll Use in Chemistry Checklist and Practice Problems

This Checklist was made for you to follow along with my YouTube Learning Playlist.

It even includes practice problems with the answer key for you to print and try out.

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Everything you need to practice what you just learned so you can be prepared for Chemistry.

The number one reason why students fear Chemistry is because they're either afraid of the math or have completely forgotten it. This playlist is going to strengthen your math skills so that you don't have to take Chemistry all over again.

I've seen so many students feel like they're falling behind in class because they don't understand their teacher's lectures and their textbook is making Chemistry more complicated than it has to be. 

This is EXACTLY why I've created my Chemistry Notes and Flashcards to help you focus on what is most commonly found on exams.

All of my resources are designed to help you score higher and study less by getting straight to the point. 

Believe it or not, I had to retake my first Chemistry class and learn the hard way of what not to do. Now, every resource I create is what I wish existed when I was taking Chemistry.

So download the checklist, watch the playlist, try the practice problems, and come back to my site for more help.

Wish you the best this semester,

Melissa Maribel