Pass Chemistry This Semester With These Three Study Tips

I've seen so many students put studying off to the last minute. And I absolutely get it, I used to do it too, but whenever I'd put it off to the last minute, I did the worst on that exam compared to the ones I actually took the time to study for.

Regardless of whether or not you've done that too, I've put together 3 study tips that helped me make studying a priority which led to me earning my degree.

Study Tip #1: Know Your Why

What's going to get you motivated to study? Is it a career, getting into your dream school, the future lifestyle you'll have if you successfully get through this class?

What's going to make you want to get out of bed and go to class? Whatever that is for you, write it down and read it often!

Knowing your "why" will help you in those difficult times when you're feeling unmotivated. 

Study Tip #2: Get Ahead  

The best way to study for any science class is to stay ahead of the material. You'll be given a syllabus that tells you what you'll cover in lecture each week. Use this to your advantage! 

Start with reading your book or watching videos on that chapter. Do this before you go to your lecture. By doing this you are getting familiar with the terms and concepts you'll hear in lecture. Your hand won't be cramping up trying to write down everything your teacher said and instead you'll actually understand what your teacher is saying. 

Study Tip #3: Test Yourself

Since you will be tested all semester long, it is necessary to train for each exam. Training involves taking practice exams and doing a lot of practice problems. 

Now it's important to do the right practice problems instead of just picking random ones and wasting your time. 

That's why I created all of my Chemistry Guides with common exam questions and step by step answers. Each guide gets straight to the stuff you actually need to know. I have seen thousands of chemistry exams and have learned what teachers like to throw on exams.

In other words, I know what's on your exam and with this knowledge I made resources that help you properly prepare. 

Chemistry Guides

Here's a few more study tips for you this semester.