How to Pass Your Summer Chemistry Class

You'll soon experience just how fast a summer Chemistry class can be. It feels like you always have a new exam or a lot of new topics you need to master in a short window of time. But don't lose hope, it's still possible to do well! 

I've taken a good amount of summer science classes and I'm here to show you how to successfully pass your class. 

Tip #1: Cut the Fluff and Get to the Important Stuff

Since the class goes by so quickly, it's important to focus on the information that you will actually be tested on. I've created study checklists for each major topic for Chemistry 1 and Chemistry 2. These checklists tell you exactly what topics to study for your exam. 

My study checklists are part of my Free Chemistry Survival Guide which you can download here

Chemistry Guides

Tip #2: Use My Chem How-to Guides to Quickly Understand Each Topic

To make this class less stressful, I created complete how to guides on major Chemistry topics. These guides cover the topics in the study checklists, common exam questions and include step-by-step answers. This is a great way to quickly understand the material and prepare for your exam all at once. 

If I had these guides when I was taking my summer chemistry classes I wouldn't have felt so stressed and I would have had a chance to do other things in the summer. (Like actually enjoy my summer!) 

Here are all the chemistry guides I have:

I also made a complete equilibrium online course, this is perfect for anyone taking Chem 2:

You can find more study tips in the video below: