3 Tips on How to Effectively Use the Chemistry Guides

Each Chemistry guide focuses on the most important topics, key terms and problems to know in order to properly prepare you for your exam. 

When you first purchase and download a guide, I recommend starting with reading the first few pages and following a long with the step by step examples.

If possible do this before going to your lecture on that same topic. This way when you get to class the concepts will sound familiar and it will be easier for you to understand what your teacher is saying.

Of course if you got the guide a little later and your lecture on this same topic already passed, don't worry the guide will help you catch up. And if necessary, cram for an exam. 

Before your exam, practice answering all the examples in the guide. Make sure to hide the answers and any notes. Treat it like an exam, then check your work using the step by step answers.

 The guides really come in handy here because they get straight to the most important things to know and common exam questions so you can quickly prepare for your final. Especially since I know this isn't the only final you will need to prepare for.