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Molarity Notes

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This is not only easier to read and understand over your textbook but I even designed it so it is visually appealing!

A how-to guide on:
  • What Molarity is
  • Finding Molarity
  • Using Molarity as a Conversion Factor
  • Acid-base Neutralization Reactions
  • Solution Stoichiometry
  • Using Molarity to Find Mass, Liters, Grams and Another Compound’s Molarity
  • Dilutions and Serial Dilutions
Every page out of the 10+ pages is packed with:
  • Detailed examples that explain every single step
  • Common test questions
  • Tips and tricks
  • A variety of ways that teachers can ask the same type of question

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Miconika M.
United States United States


worked great! really help me to pass my chem final!! thanks mellisa!!

Kamela M.
United States United States


Your notes and youtube videos have been so helpful. I passed Chem I with an A and currently taking Chem II. The only reason I did so well in Chem I is because of your videos/notes that broke everything down. The Molarity notes in particular were so so helpful. I was really struggling with setting the problems up correctly but was able to work out my errors with your notes. Chem II just started and it is A LOT of information. I just downloaded the Thermo notes and feel a ton better. Most of lecture was just going over my head and I couldn't understand how I wasn't grasping the material/formulas. I know that with your notes I will be able to understand it. Thank you for taking time to do these and make videos. They are so useful. Can't thank you enough!!! Thanks again, Kam P.S. I would love if you could do some Organic Chem sheets!!! I start that in the fall and I would be eternally grateful for any extra help :)