When I first took Chemistry I was so lost and had no idea where to even start. I know it might seem difficult but YOU CAN get through Chemistry, and with my help this class will be easier than you imagined.

Ever since I graduated with my degree in Chemistry I've been helping students like you succeed in this class and my guide is the first step towards getting you there, that's why I made it free for you to download 😆

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"I love Melissa Maribel so much!! She has helped me get an A in Chemistry and I am forever grateful.

She's knowledgeable about the subjects and is always super positive and inspiring."  



✔️ An organized collection of formulas, checklists, conversion factors, and prefixes.

✔️ Categorized formulas so you know exactly what you're going to need for each topic.

✔️ Know what you'll need to study before you're even on that chapter.

✔️ A solubility table that's simple to use and understand.

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